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31 October 2012 @ 03:36 am
suicide circus  
UPDATED MY PROFILE PAGE! :D got rid of all the hot pink lol..

been trying to catch up on jrock. so far i've downloaded TOXIC and DIVISION and i'm addicted to Suicide Circus. yes yes i know it's such a crime for me to have like missed 2 gazette albums but well... and i haven't even checked up on a9, pura, etc. gosh. watched gazette's j-melo interview though and they were all looking great as always. how do they manage to look the same!? and i love ruki's deep blue suit, he looks amazing in it. kai really could use a haircut. and i wish aoi kept the blond/black hair he had during TOXIC! not digging the purple sprout lol.

other than that, been pretty slack since this semester began... i don't know, not really in the mood for school work. i'm actually more focused when i have a job :\ speaking of which, i'm really worried about my gf.. she's really so overworked these days it's crazy, i mean it's nearly 4am now and she's STILL stuck in the office. what's worse her boss has gone nuts lately and totally turned 180 on her, from doting on her to being really mean and nasty and just making my gf do everything! seriously the workload is mad enough, and she has to take the blame for everything because she has to report directly to the boss. and worse off, he's constnatly away on trips and not replying her emails/giving timely feedback but still blames her for the slow progress/lack of direction, wtf?! she's been doing such a great job, it's just recently he's been turning monsterish. and she works her ASS off for that company, for chrissake. it's been a year-long torment and i'm just telling her it's time for a change, she can't get stuck at her first job for life, being taken for granted and worked to death, and not appreciated!! -rants-

not feeling very sleepy yet, just submitted an assignment, guess i'll just continue watching project runway and wait for her to get back... boiled her soup and all :\ blah i miss my gf!
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halo_seventeen on November 3rd, 2012 04:39 am (UTC)
It sucks that your gf has a crappy boss/job demands :(
4am is a ridiculous time to still be at work!!
trance_angel on November 11th, 2012 10:32 am (UTC)
Wow, it's been a long time. How are you?

I haven't been following jrock alot lately. I did see L'Arc~en~Ciel live back in March, they were amazing as always! I need to check out Plastic Tree, Alice Nine, and Gazette sometime.

I have been sucked into the world of fashion lately. Ugh. I seem to love my designers lately. I see you're also an Alexander Wang fan..haha.