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14 February 2009 @ 03:56 pm
Title: 枯詩 (songfic)
Chapters: One-shot
Genre: angst, romance
Ratings: PG
Pairings: Ruki/Reita
Disclaimer: I don't own them; they own me 8D

“This song is for you,” he said softly.Collapse )
13 February 2009 @ 06:32 pm
Title: 不思議な距離感 This strange distance
Chapters: one-shot
Genre: Romance, fluff
Rating: PG
Pairing: Uruha/Aoi
Disclaimer: I don't own them; they own me 8D

Staring down at the rose in his hand, he wondered briefly if he had lost his mind.Collapse )
08 February 2009 @ 01:59 pm
oh yes baybeh 8D



because text is sexy too.Collapse )
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I'm offering a pre-ordering service for alice nine.'s VANDALIZE digiphotos and Nightmare's SHOXX digiphotos for 250yen each:

alice nine. VANDALIZE batch #2:

Photos are L size (89×127 mm)

See previews >>here<<.
I CAN ONLY TAKE PRE-ORDERS FOR PHOTOS WHICH SAYS "期間限定:2009/03/23まで". As there are many Nightmare photos, please quote the reference no. (eg. 予約番号:XXXXXXXX) so I know exactly which photo you want.

Photos are 250yen each. They are only available for a limited period of time, so get your orders in quickly.
Fixed shipping price (regular air mail) of 200yen to anywhere in the world, regardless of the number of photos.


DEADLINE FOR alice nine. VANDALIZE BATCH #2: *CLOSED* thank you.
Shipping date: 28 JAN '09

1st shipping date: 28 JAN'09
2nd shipping date: late Feb *pending*

Please leave your comment following this format:

1. Name
2. Email address
3. Mailing address
4. Members' photos you want


Thank you.

06 January 2009 @ 01:08 am
hay people i'm back 8D/

so i'm finally done with my predictably longass Tokyo trip report, lol. very long, but very interesting, i assure you XD my friend (who travelled over from hk and joined me in tokyo) and i planned this trip in detail, lol, we had a schedule for every single day... -dies- it was a really exhausting trip though XD;

*note: MAJOR PICSPAM (and i mean like 100+pics... along with alot of writing, fangirling, etc. i reduced all the photo sizes though, or else they'll never finish loading, lmao*

to make life a little bit easier, i put them under different cuts XD;

Day 1 - Plastic Tree liveCollapse )
Day 2 - Ginza, Harajuku, OmotesandoCollapse )
Day 3 - Tsukiji & RoppongiCollapse )
Day 4 - AkihabaraCollapse )

Day 5 - NEWS Concert @Tokyo DomeCollapse )

Day 6 - Harajuku, Omotesando, AsakusaCollapse )

Day 7 - Daiba & ShibuyaCollapse )

Day 8 - PSCarnival @BudokanCollapse )

school resumed today and i found out i have 2 tests on thursday, 2 tests on friday and a make-up class on Saturday along with a 2000 word draft due on the same day. along with 2 other tests next week. fantastic.
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05 January 2009 @ 08:03 pm
To celebrate the release of Dissidia Final Fantasy, SUNTORY (Japan drinks company) and SQUARE ENIX has teamed up to release a series of drinks entitled Dissidia Final Fantasy Potion.

These are only available in Japan, and there are a limited number of them produced. Most of them are sold out now.
I really don't want to part with my set but I'm really broke right now, so I'm selling these off.

Each can is sold at 600yen. Paypal in Japanese yen only. All items shipped from Japan.
All cans are brand-new, unopened, and in good condition (no dents/scratches).

drink the magicCollapse )


09 December 2008 @ 03:38 pm

The 10th anniversary commemorative performance
~Peace & Smile Carnival~
2009.01.03 (Sat)
Live at Nippon Budokan

Open 15:00
Start 16:00

Opening act: SuG/SCREW
Artistes: Miyavi/Kagrra,/Kra/the GazettE/alice nine.

CLICK HERE TO BID!!!!Collapse )

18 November 2008 @ 04:42 pm
Rentrer en Soi is a JRock band composed of Satsuki (vo.), Takumi (gt.) , Shun (gt.) , Ryo (ba.) and Mika (dr.). They have gained more popularity over the years but remained indies as of today. Their music ranges from soft, ambient rock to heavy metal rock.
Official Website

"The name RENTRER EN SOI means something along the lines of "return in self" in French, and this theme of self-reflection is an important theme to the five band members. The band's music is always evolving and they have a lot to offer: quite complex, melodious and sometimes heavy songs with Satsuki's low, despairing growls. On the other hand, melancholic and dream-like songs, which are complimented by graceful and emotional vocals are also found in the band's extensive discography.

Their looks have also changed drastically over the years. They started as a visual kei band with middle-ages inspired costumes and currently have a more mature and casual look. The band has also spread their activities overseas and have toured Europe and performed at a number of American anime conventions." --(credits to jrockxstar)

In late September 2008, news of their disbandment was announced. (see Japanese news here) The band has come a long way for 7 years and feel that they have done all they could with the band. Musically, however, they will continue on in their own individual ways for a long time. Their last one-man live [THE WAR OF MEGGIDO] will be held on Christmas, 2008.12.25 at Shibuya Club Quattro.

Personally I feel it's a huge loss to the jrock and visual indies scene. ReS has graced us with so much wonderful music and definitely propelled the visual rock genre forward significantly, even changing how many non-vk fans viewed "visual rock". Of course, it's not the first time a visual indies band breaks up... Many bands from obscure ones to popular ones come to end. bis, for instance, was great too but they went their seperate ways this year... But ReS! The news really shocked alot of fans, I guess... because they are really one of the most talented bands around. Satsuki's voice is indescribable. Alas... ;o;
However, their music will always, ALWAYS be remembered...

AND NOW, even if you've NEVER heard of ReS, but you've stumbled upon this, please take some time to enjoy their music here... Satsuki's voice ;o;

Stigmata [single] 26.03.2008

Unending Sanctuary [single] 2008.07.30
...........i LOVE this song!

this song is beautiful <3 slightly darker ReS stuff...

Rentrer en Soi... この長い間ありがとうございました、そしてお疲れ様でした ♥
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L'Arc~en~Ciel Tour 2008 L'7 Trans Asia via Paris

***WARNING: heavy fangirling. seriously.***

i am back from the laruku live.

i am still in a daze.

Hyde screaming "ARE YOU FUCKING READY??!?!?!!?" totally... blew my mind. i just... god, i still can't believe i have seen him in front of my eyes.

even though i sat in Arena Block A... the two guys in front of me and feifa were so damn tall we were sooo blocked... that really sucked cuz i could barely see the stage with all the waving arms etc... but anyways, overall, it was a great live.

i'm going type a rambly report... cuz i'm still in a sort of incoherent state right now. god. it went by SO FAST, so fast... i miss Hyde already, i want to see him in front of my eyes again, right now.. god he's so beautiful i can just die happy looking at him.


anyways, went to expo in the afternoon to queue up for concert goods but we were all the way at the end of the line and we gave up after an hour... they were selling cd's and dvd's though, so i got the KISS album which came with a gorgeous file + poster, as well as the ARE YOU READY 2007 Okinawa live dvd.

and i couldn't take any pictures, cuz they were pretty strict about cameras and video recorders, we had our bags checked n i had to deposit my camera at the concierge before entering the arena...

the live started at 8pm++
our seats were not bad, closer to the stage then we thought (well, we queued overnight, fucking 18 hours in the wind and rain without sleep for the tix... 2nd in line, but we still got Row S) but feifa and i were just soo unhappy when there happened to be like 5 GUYS in front of us... 5 TALL GUYS... wtf... just our luck.

the good thing is, Hyde kept coming over to our side (tetsu's side) and omgggg the 2nd floor audience who were near the stage were SOOOO LUCCKKYYYY!!!!! SOOOO CLOSE TO HYDE OMFFGGGG AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

ok. i can't really remember what happened at every song, my brain is completely fried.

their outfits:

Hyde - gorgeous white shirt with all these raw egdes and flowing ribbony strips... he had a jacket outside of it at first but took it off after the interval... and he unbuttoned it too, he had a white tank top inside *_* and erm grey-ish jeans , i think. long, flowing hair... sooo happy he didn't do anything funny to his hair tonight

Tetsu - white shirt with a black vest/skirt thing, basically the vest has no back and there's a pleated black skirt joined to it. and underneath he wears HOT PINK PANTS. oh my god. oshare to the max!!! CHO OSHARE!!!! only he can pull it off. i love his fashion sense. and his hair is sooo gorgeous, i have no idea how he pinned it like that.

Ken - as expected, a flowery shirt with the top 3 buttons undone. ahaha.

Yuki - ok he looked like he came from home. LMAO. t-shirt, zip-up vest, and jeans i think. very casual.

now here's the setlist:

01. get out from the shell -asian version- <--laruku's silhouettes appeared behind the screen... started screaming like mad lol

02. Driver's high
03. Killing me <-- i was REALLY really hyper... jumped like crazy my feet are totally dead...

he kept looking down (prob at his hand or a paper) and kept mumbling to himself before speaking XDD KAWAIIIIIIIIIIII OMGGGGGGGGG I HAVEN'T FANGIRLED IN SO LONG JESUS CHRIST...

"nei dey dung jor ho loi ma?"
...........ahhahahah yes it's been a long wait baby

05. Daybreak's Bell
06. winterfall
07. 永遠

08. 花葬 <-- OH.MY.GOD. hearing this live... *heart stoppage* i nearly started to cry, geez. too beautiful. hyde is just beautiful.

09. forbidden lover <-- i know i'll be killed for writing this, but this is the first time i've heard this song. well, i mean, i've prob watched it on one of the dvd's, but i don't even have the mp3.

when Hyde started singing this song, i had no idea what it was, but i fell in love love love with it, probably one of the most impressive performances the entire live. i was so drawn in to his voice.

10. My heart draws a dream <--fun fun fun song
11. Caress of Venus <-- HYDExTETSU AT OUR SIDE!!!! OMGGGG the two of them bounced over to our side of the stage, i could finally see both their faces clearly, and OMFG HYDE PUT HIS ARM AROUND TETSU... feifa and i were FUCKING SCREAMING OUR HEADS OFF, WE TOTALLY DITCHED OUR SEATS AND JUMPED OUT TO THE CORRIDOR... OMFFGGGGGG THE ONLY FANSERVICE THAT NIGHT & IT WAS IN FRONT OF OUR EYES *________*

and omg, i am totally in love with this song now, hahahaha soooo hotttttttttt the way Hyde sang it.... gaaahhh

12. Revelation <--hyperness
13. Pretty girl
OMG THIS WAS SOOOO AWESOME... at first Hyde switched to rhythm guitar, ken still on lead guitar, tetsu with bass but singing the first stanza and yuki at drums.

i was thinking, omg, P'UNK~EN~CIEL version of STAY AWAY??
after tetsu on vocals, it switched to Ken on vocals!! omg, he can actually sing pretty well... hahahaha and then................

15. Ready Steady Go <-- omg, I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. hearing this live is just... amazing... and totally energetic and hyper... and hyde started off screaming "ARE YOU FUCKING READY!!?!?!" omg, to be honest, i started getting even more high at his vulgarities........ ahahahha i'm so weird, god, but hyde is HOT, he is hot whenever he speaks, sings, walks, jiggles... 8D yes, he jiggles. and wiggles. alot. oh yeahh <3

yes hyde, i'm so fucking ready, ready for you anytime baby. oh god. *faints*

Ken M.C.
his canto sucks, ahhahahaaa!!! didn't understand half the stuff he tried to say XDD

17. 叙情詩 <-- THEY PLAYED JOJOUSHI!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMGGGGG THEY ONLY PLAYED THIS AT SEOUL... at taiwan and paris they sang Neo Universe instead......... OMG SOOOOOO HAPPY I WAS HOPING FOR JOJOUSHI.....

Hyde. i just... i am so utterly speechless at his voice, it resonated not only within the stadium but in my heart, it's so breathtaking and... goddd i can't even think right now

Yuki M.C.

19. Link (tetsu M.C. included)
hyde M.C.
<-- I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S OVER SOOO FASST...... I FELT LIKE CRYING AGAIN..... but then Hyde smiles, and i just melt, and i have to smile too... it's just.. arrghghghhh

and then it's over, just like that.
madness. surreal.

i still can't believe i have seen and heard them. the voices were real. the sounds were real. but half the time i could barely see them on the stage cuz we were so blocked by those arms... had to keep glancing at the big screen... in which hyde looked SO BEAUTIFUL, SO BEAUTIFUL I WANT TO CRY JUST LOOKING AT HIM...


i mean, i sound like i am totally way over my head.
but L'Arc is one of japan's top rock bands. they are a legend. their next live will be in 2011, their 20th anniversary... (they'll be taking a 3 year hiatus after this tour to focus on solo work & families).

and Hyde himself. he is a legend. one of the most... i don't even know the right word... he is just... one of THE jrockers, one of THE singers of japan you can't not know, love him or not.

sometimes i really don't think he's from this world, there's an ethereal quality about him, some mystic aura and otherworldly charm, which makes him so gorgeous, so androgynous, so beautiful...

i still haven't accepted the fact that i've seen him live.
my god.

how is it possible i have seen this man??!??!?!

i need to go to bed x__x
05 March 2008 @ 04:00 am
i'm bored.

yeah well, you know what they say. when you are finally given time to rest, you find it bored without work to do. it's not like i actually feel like working; no, the last few weeks have been torturous and i'm glad to have a few days to chill. but since i haven't actually had time to go around downloading anything, i've got no episodes of honey&clover to catch up on, or new movies. or magazine scans. plus with the internet being really wonky lately, all i can do is rewatch old stuff. think i'll head back to school tomorrow just for the sake of the internet *_* guess i can get some revision done while downloading. need to get Su Ki Da and Ahiru to Kamo no Coin Locker, two movies i've been wanting to watch forever. also behind H&C by like 4 episodes... and i haven't even started dl-ing 1 Pound Gospel yet.

well, i did rewatch Unfair in a span of two days. lol. i just love that series so so much. i highly recommend it. Shinohara Ryoko is totally ace in her role as a smart, savvy, kickass police. and Eita... omg his role as Ando... i can never repeat this enough, but i love his role soo much.. he's soo endearing and sweet and arghh.. the ending was totally heartbreaking. omgggg.

can i just express for the thousandth time...

gaaahhhhh he's so perfect goddddd can i just please have him raw on a sushi platter? *o* adkfjaklfjasldjf he's such a wonderful wonderful wonderful actor... (and obviously the movies i mentioned above all starr him, lol)... whether in Unfair as sweet helpful sidekick, Sapuri as evil manipulating scathing co-worker, Tokyo Friends as emo guitarist ex-boyfriend, Nodame Cantabile as energetic loud excitable Minoru... gaahh i love each and every character he plays because he brings so much life into them and makes them so real and so appealing and so so so LOVEABLE! ♥ *brainfried* eitaaaaaaaaaa youuuu soooooo cuuuuuuuuuutteeeeeee can i eat youuuuuuu 8D

coughs. that aside... also watched KISARAGI, the movie starring Oguri Shun. very cute and funny and interesting plot. it's hard to get a good comedic movie like this, with five men in suits sitting around in one tiny room for the entire duration of the movie. so the plot is definitely a clever one!

my sleeping habits have been pretty bad lately, going to bed at like 6 or 7am *_* body clock sort of got messed up ever since working overnight for finals... and though i only slept like, 4 hours today, for example, i'm still up mooching around right now... geez :x

finally received my copy of Guren in the mail, the cd cover design is neat. also i just got a card from the post office saying i've to collect a package which was delivered while i was out... and it seems like it's been lying in the post office for over a week *_* i have a feeling i know what it is... lol... so i'm going to go collect it first thing tomorrow.

i'm so bored that i've got nothing better to do than blab on lj, so ignore me if i bore you.
oh, rewatched HELLO DEAR NUMBERS just now cos i was running out of things to watch, lmao... i mean, i've watched the movies Backdancers and Heavenly Forest (both of which i love to death and watched like 5 times each) so many times i can practically say all the lines, so i'm getting sick of them... and got kinda blah moody suddenly, so nothing cheers me up better than a good jrock concert. HDN is still the best even though i've rewatched the concert like more than 10 times. yeah, it's that good. alicenine's energy live is just awesome. i just... omggg it makes me want to go to japan more than ever now, i just have to see them.

and SID! was youtubing those little live clips of them... argh, they NEVER released a dvd in all these years... i just have to go see them one day too. MUST. it's like one of those 100 things to do before i die...

10 concerts/lives to attend before i die would probably include:
1) alice nine.
2) the gazette
4) SID
5) nightmare
6) l'arc~en~ciel (which i will, this may *v* hyde!!!!)
7) tackey&tsubasa (how can i forget my first love?)
9) PSC! so we get all the goodies in one 8D
10) johnny's countdown!! more goodies in one 8D

you can really tell how bored i am eh XD
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